Thursday, May 06, 2010

I, Zombie #1

Chris Roberson & Michael Allred

I, Zombie is a new ongoing title that just debuted through DC's Vertigo line.  The first issue is actually offered at a special introductory price of $1, assuming they will make a profit after selling subsequent issues at regular cover price.  Well, they've probably managed to hook many readers willing to pay full price, and they've certainly hooked me, because this first issue is awesome.  I was initially drawn to this title because Michael Allred is the artist, and I love his clean, cartoony art.  He's at his best here, with beautiful panels and fluid storytelling.  I especially like the fashion of his characters, all wearing interesting clothing that suits each person, and writer Chris Roberson really provides some great characters for this title, including the main character herself, Gwen Dylan, who is the hot zombie in question.  Once a month, in order to stop from becoming a senseless wandering zombie, she must consume a brain.  And, as seen by the end of the issue, eating the organ is more than Survivor-gross, it messes with Gwen's mind, because she has the person whom she consumes' thoughts rattling around in her brain, and for them to simmer down, she sometimes has to resort to drastic measures.  This time around, she must track down a murderer.  The supporting characters of the book are also really compelling.  Gwen spends most of her time hanging around crypts with a ghost named Ellie, who's a little dated, and a boy who turns into a dog on the full moon has the hots for her.  Throw in some vampire chicks and a monster-hunting duo and you've got a book brimming with the supernatural.  This book just seems like a breath of fresh air from the same old zombie titles coming out.  It has a neat premise, actual characters to care about, and it doesn't take itself too seriously.  Props must be given to Laura Allred for her vibrant colors, rounding out a creative team that works really well together on an exciting new book.

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