Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Week In Awesome! Dragons & More!

Here are some things that got me excited over the past week!

I'm Still Here - My favorite country singer Mindy McCready released her first new CD in eight years!  And it was well worth the wait.  Same beautiful, strong voice and full of great songs.  Download this:  Wrong Again, Songs About You.

An awesome trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was unveiled.

The animated film How To Train Your Dragon opened in theaters in 3D to rave reviews.  I am so going to see it.

An Education comes to DVD on Tuesday.  One of the Oscar-nominated films that I never got to see in theaters last year (and one that I really wanted to see).

The programming schedule for Chicago's new C2E2 comic book convention was announced (Link via Articulate Nerd).

Fantagraphics Books announced a new imprint that will be edited by Rick Marschall called Marschall Books that will reprint many overlooked artists as well as major artists.

Innovative publisher IDW achieves premiere status through Diamond Distribution, earning extra perks as well as being featured in the front of the overwhelming mass of Previews Catalogue.  It's well-deserved for the publisher who puts out everything from media tie-ins (Transformers, Star Trek) to horror (30 Days of Night) to beautiful archival projects (Little Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy).

And last but not least, hottie Chris Evans has signed on to portray Captain America on the big screen in an eight-picture deal (which includes appearances in movies like The Avengers).  Let the drooling commence.

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