Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In Stores 9/2

Here are the highlights of books coming to comic shops tomorrow!
Pick of the Week
Cat Burglar Black GN - Richard Sala is one of my favorite creators, so a new full-length graphic novel from him is certainly cause for celebration to me. This is his first work published by First Second Books.
Other Noteworthy Releases
Absolute V For Vendetta HC
Achewood (Volume 2): Worst Song Played HC
Amulet (Volume 2): Stonekeeper's Curse SC
Angel: Blood and Trenches (Volume 1) TP
Batman: Gotham After Midnight TP
Bleach (Volume 28)
DC Library: JLA by George Perez (Volume 1) HC
Dead Irons HC
DMZ (Volume 7): War Powers TP
Essential Sub-Mariner (Volume 1) TP
Fall Out Toy Works #1 (of 5)
G.I. Joe Origins (Volume 1) TP
High School Debut (Volume 11)
Honey & Clover (Volume 7)
Hulk Gray HC
Little Lulu (Volume 20) TP
Magog #1
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Black Knight (Volume 1) HC
Marvel Zombies Return #1
Mixed Vegetables (Volume 5)
Monkey High! (Volume 7)
Nana (Volume 18)
New Avengers: Reunion HC
Nocturnals (Volume 2): Dark Forever and Other Tales HC
Rasetsu (Volume 2)
Red Tornado #1 (of 6)
Sand Chronicles (Volume 6)
Savage Sword of Conan (Volume 6) TP
Spider-Man: Sinister Six HC
Strange Tales #1 (of 3)
Superman: New Krypton (Volume 2) HC
Sweet Tooth #1
Toon Treasury of Classic Childrens Comics HC
Torch #1 (of 8)
We Were There (Volume 6)
Wonderful Wizard of Oz HC
X-Men: Misfits (Volume 1)

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