Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Batman and Robin #1

Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
This is awesome. The new Batman and the new Boy Wonder have a great dynamic and right from the get-go, this book is a rollicking superhero ride. I don't think Frank Quitely's art has ever looked better, and even a lame small-town crook like Toad seems really cool under Grant Morrison's hand. I didn't really follow any of the Battle For the Cowl stuff, to be quite honest. I read Morrison's R.I.P. and decided that that was the last word on the subject and the rest was just a way to build an event around the death of Batman. So I was a little surprised when this project was announced, but I love what Morrison's done for the next chapter of The Dark Knight. Batman, for anyone who hasn't read it or doesn't care to, is now Dick Grayson, formerly Nightwing and Robin, while Bruce Wayne and Talia's son Damian has taken on the mantle of Robin, in hopes of filling his father's shoes in the future. While Damian is a bright boy with a lot of potential, he's a bit of a snotty kid and a little too gung-ho, but he has quite the interesting relationship with Grayson (and Alfred for that matter). This is a great debut issue that breathes new life into the franchise with fresh blood, and I'm confident that this book is going to easily (and quickly) become one of the best superhero books being published.

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