Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In Stores 4/9

Patrick and I pick the books with most potential shipping to comic shops this Wednesday, and this is one of those weeks where it was really difficult to narrow it down to just one pick - there’s a boatload of great releases!

Patrick’s Pick

The Complete Peanuts (Volume 9): 1967-1968 - The latest volume in the Fantagraphics published series collecting the entirety of the greatest comic strip of all time is available in comics shops this Wednesday. Buy it.

Dave’s Pick

Jessica Farm GN - Josh Simmons made a big splash with his first book last year, the silent graphic novel House. This is his highly-anticipated new work, the first volume of an epic story.

Other Noteworthy Releases

Chickenhare (Volume 2): Fire In the Hole - An excellent all-ages title.
.....Read my review.
The Comics Journal #289
Hall of Best Knowledge SC
- Ray Fenwick’s first graphic novel!
The Last Defenders #2
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days HC
Most Outrageous: The Trials & Trespasses of Dwaine &

.....Chester the Molester
Mushishi (Volume 3)
New Mutants Classic (Volume 3) TP
The Rabbi’s Cat 2 GN
Serenity: Better Days #2 (of 3)
Showcase Presents: Superman Family (Volume 2) TP
Suburban Glamour #4 (of 4)
Willie & Joe: The World War II Years

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