Friday, April 06, 2007

Omega Flight #1 (of 5)

Michael Avon Oeming & Scott Kolins

The new mini-series spun out of Civil War begins with a gathering of heroes. In New Avengers, in wake of House of M, Alpha Flight was slaughtered by a cosmic being. Now a new group of heroes must protect Canada. Omega Flight both makes fun of its several past incarnations and holds up the original team to a legendary status. The gathering of the next generation of Canadian heroes is a direct result of Civil War, and Canadian officials aren't happy with the US, watching its mess spill over their borders. They are forced to act quickly in coming up with a solution to control the superpowered criminals who are invading their country to escape registration and the government cells put into play to track down superheroes and villains alike. Indeed, some of the new members of Omega Flight are themselves superhumans who were once regarded as heroes, who have escaped registration to begin anew in Canada. Among these ranks are USAgent and Julie Carpenter (or Arachne, who just had a fantastic appearance in Ms. Marvel recently), as well as actual Canadian heroes like Talisman and Sasquatch. Beta Ray Bill will also be joining the team in future issues, and heading up the team is Vindicator...or Guardian...people in the book seem to be just as confused on the title of the ringleader. The Wrecking Crew are the big bad supervillains that are doing the most damage on their trek across Canada, where an initial confrontation with Sasquatch doesn't go well for the do-gooder. The American heroes involved with the new team don't even make an appearance in this book yet, but so far, all is looking well and the parallels to drafting are at least interesting. I wouldn't recommend running out and jumping on this title, but it has potential at the very least. C

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