Demons of Sherwood

Demons of Sherwood
Robert Tinnell & Bo Hampton

Demons of Sherwood is a webcomic that has been serialized since December, but the entirety of the graphic novel is now available for your viewing pleasure at ComicMix for free. The book is written by Robert Tinnell, with some really gorgeous artwork by Bo Hampton. The story follows a washed-up Robin Hood, over a decade since his heyday stealing from the rich to give to the poor, Marian having run off and left him to find comfort in a bottle. But news has come his way of a trio of women who are to be burned at the stake for witchcraft, one of whom is the love of his life he's been searching for all these years: that fair maiden herself. As the story progresses, we see demons attacking Robin and his Merry Men as they strive to protect the three accused witches and deliver them to a sanctuary overseen by a former comrade. There are plenty of great ideas throughout this book, with some fantastic action scenes and disturbing images of true horror. The characters of the book are thoroughly engaging and the plot absolutely intriguing...I felt horrible for having not given the creators a cent for the privilege of reading through this fantastic adventure, but I'm sure to seek out more work from the duo and I'll definitely buy this book in a collected format should it become available in the future. Really, it's free, so there's no excuse not to check this book out. The art is of high quality and the creators really know how to pace a story with all of the elements you want out of a good piece of genre fiction, seamlessly blending comedy and romance into the mix for a stunning final product. The dialogue is smart and true to the time period, with some fun banter between the characters at various points. I've read very few comics on-line, but if there are more like this out there, I am so there.


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