The Secret Voice

I finally got around to reading the comic that everyone's been talking about and I have to say that I'm impressed. Zack Soto's The Secret Voice is a treasure to be sure, an ongoing comic that showcases characters from his Secret Voice Universe, including that of the main story of the issue, "Dr. Galapagos," as he battles rock trolls in a mainly silent story. Lots of action and creativity are invested in all of Zack Soto's stories. "Day 34"
follows a man in a life boat as he stumbles upon some weird things in middle of the ocean, while "Smog Emperor" became my favorite of the stories, following a young boy who is troubled by the superpowered being he has the ability to turn into to deal with his problems. Between the stories, there's a page of plugs and an editorial explaining the goals of the comic, but what I enjoyed most of all were the pages "excerpted from the Official Handbook of the Secret Voice Universe," which featured characters we see in this issue and others we do not, like St. Xixis, who Zoto refuses to give us much information about and Smog Emperor, which certainly contributed to understanding the actual comic that appeared later. All in all, this is a very fun book and if anyone reading this hasn't gotten on the band wagon yet, I really recommend that you cave into peer pressure.


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